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things the news reminds me of

March 22, 2012

During my college days I didn’t exactly dress to impress. I might have had a bit of the Cheetos stained nerd thing going on. My typical attire included jeans, a possibly clean t-shirt, and a requisite piece of university apparel: a hooded sweatshirt. I’m a creature of habbit. Not only did I wear basically the same outfit, I never bought a new or otherwise updated sweatshirt. Wore the same one the whole time (it got a little raggedy). About a month into grad school, I’d moved hundreds of miles away but was still rockin the same outfit on an occasional basis. I remember heading out of my department building one day and seeing plastered on the door, paraphrased as follows:

Suspect at Large
Black guy
medium to tall
Hooded sweatshirt

into the trash can.

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