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A quick revisit down South

December 31, 2011

If you follow college football at all you know that this year’s championship game will be between LSU and Alabama, two schools both in the SEC. That guarantees that the SEC will have won 6 college football championships in a row (mostly by different teams). That reminded me of my post from a while back about the south (and the SEC specifically laging academically). The related Chronicle of Higher Ed piece is worth reading, as it foreshadows some of the current conference system break down.

That also reminded me to take a look at my list of institutions hiring in my area this year. Many of the BigTen (upper midwest), Ivys (east coat), and other places on the east and west coasts. The southern schools, ACC and SEC? Not so much. The football dominance and academic stagnation (in my area at least) is probably just coincidence?

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