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PhD Documentary: Use the pickle juice

September 15, 2011

“If you set the crystals while listening to a particular song. Yoshimi battles the Pink Robots, by the Flaming Lips. Then the crystals tend to detract”

“There are no intermediate steps. It’s all or nothing. Either you’ve got a structure and it’s good or you got nothing”

Naturally Obsessed
(watch the whole film here)

Enter Naturally Obsessed, a documentary of “the making of a scientist”. Before I get into anything, I recommended it. Not just because I have made it a personal mission to watch as many documentaries you can shake a stick at, it is an interesting tale to those who went through science graduate school, or those wondering what the fuss is about. I have minor quibbles, but I think those boil down to the differences between working in different areas of science. I’d say that X-ray crystalography seems like a very odd area, but I have no reason to think that it’s just that my own area is odd also.

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